What is Echoza?

Echoza is a real time error tracking and reporting tool built for websites, web applications and mobile applications. This tool let you know about errors that your customers face before even they report it to you.

Idea inception

They say when you solve your own problem, you are solving other's problem too.
This is true in context of Echoza's inception.

We are a team who build applications for web & mobile day in day out & performance and error free products is something we have always strived for. The only way was to innovate & build a tool which would report us back when a user faces an error. That's how Echoza was born.


Idea execution

Ardent believers in lean philosphies, we rarely build without validating. It all started as a minimum viable product integrated for in-house products and then building on top of it as we experienced it ourselves as real users.

Today Echoza stands strong helping product owners track issues faced by their users in real time.

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Team behind Echoza

Think201, a technology company with a strong foot in building scalable solutions for web and mobile is the company behind Echoza.
Our deep knowledge gained over several years of experience building SAAS products, has made it a breeze in building Echoza.