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Error Tracking & Reporting for
Ionic Mobile Apps using Echoza

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Get Started by installing NPM Package

Use NPM to install npm module and with few basic configurations in your code, you will be all set to real time monitor your mobile apps for errors


Errors & Crucial Information in Dashboard

Track Fast, Act Fast

Errors which were faced by your users will now be reported in real time with its priority, number of occurrences in the dashboard.

Pin down point of failure

Stack Trace, File Name & Line of Code

View where did the error occur. Echoza will report, filename, line number, complete stack trace along with snapshot of code for developer’s convenience


Know environment which breaks your code

Browsers, OS & Device

Certain errors occurs only in certain system environments. Echoza reports as soon as it happens versus a testing team who takes ages to reach via various test cases.
Know what are the specifics system environments which breaks your code along with device information reported.

Notify right person
for right thing

Mail, SMS & Browser Push Notification

Cut down the turn-around time in fixing error by rightly choosing whom to notify when a certain type of error happen.

Echoza lets you act swift when code breaks.


Apps Using Echoza

Applications under real time error tracking using Echoza


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