Salient features
of Echoza

Echoza is a boon for those who care for their customer's experience.

Call it a watchdog which is loyal in reporting issues faced by your customers while using your apps 24x7.
There is so much more in the store.

how it works

Easy Integration

Echoza is available for integration in multiple platforms and integrating it to your application takes very less time than brewing a cup of coffee.

We have a human readable documentation for all the platforms which guides you step by step towards a successful integration.


Real time monitoring

A centralized view for your application's performance and error listing in a simple & neat dashboard. The data here helps you to act fast and drastically improve your user's experience with your application.

Pin-point Error

No fun in just logging error, unless it says where did it break. A detailed stack trace with a snapshot of code which caused the error is truly empowering.


Know User's Environment

User's environment when an error occurred is a crucial piece of information. When an error is tracked and reported, it would also capture user's browser information, OS information, device information which is valuable.