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Anurag Rath

Introducing Echoza

Picture this- You are in a meeting with a prospective client trying to make a huge deal, and you receive a call from your existing client who is unhappy about the feature of your product. Not a happy picture right? How about this? You are in the same meeting with the same prospective client trying to make a huge deal, and you receive a call from the same existing client, except this time he is happy about the proactive service of yours of fixing the error that occurred in your product before it could do any damage. Looks Good? Well, this is just one of the many instances that might happen in your day-to-day routine. No matter how perfectly your product performs during the testing phase, there are higher chances for the certain features to crash once it is in the market. As a developer of your product, you would obviously be curious about its performance. It’s not very feasible to request all your clients to provide feedback on your product every day. What if there was someone who can keep track of your product’s performance and notify you, or the concerned person as soon as there is a deficiency?

Meet Echoza- Your New Watchdog

Echoza is an integrated mechanism to watch over your product’s performance. All you need to do is integrate Echoza into your product and customize the conditions and the respective people to whom you wish the notifications to be sent when an error or important event is triggered. The notifications are not limited to one medium- you can receive them through SMS and email along with necessary details so that you can resolve the errors immediately.

Fascinating Features

What makes Echoza an amazing product, is its features that are designed to make any developers’ life easy. Well, not just developers anyone who is interested in their product’s performance.

Here are the features of Echoza-

  • Easy Integration
Integrating Echoza into your product is definitely not rocket science, that is, if you find rocket science difficult. Echoza comes with clear instruction guidelines, and it doesn’t really take much time to get it integrated into your product. You even have an option to invite your developer to integrate Echoza in your product for you. If required, you can also ask the Echoza team to help you integrate it. Can it get any cooler?
  • Real- Time Notifications:
With Echoza, you can monitor the performance of your product in real-time and get notified the moment something breaks down. The Payment Gateway crashed? Get alerted. Oh wait, Echoza is not just for errors. Get notified even when a set target is achieved. Come on who doesn’t like to celebrate?
  • Customize Alerts based on requirements
Echoza is a user-friendly product that lets you define the way you want it to work. Set the control points which will be triggered if something goes wrong, add respective team member/s according to the type of control point, set goals or targets, choose the medium of notification. In short, just tell Echoza when, how and to whom you want to be notified, and it shall be taken care of. Don’t you love it already?
  • Try before you Buy
Like mentioned earlier, Echoza is a user-friendly product, not just to use, but in all the aspects. You can have a free trial of Echoza, and if satisfied with the performance, which surely you will, you can subscribe to the product as per your requirement. Well, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try Echoza. Let your product echo with more of applauds and less of complaints! You don’t want to lose that prospective client now, do you? To get a taste of how you can minimize any negative scenarios encountered by your real customers-

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